Why do soccer players fake injuries?

I’m a big fan of sports, all of them. One of my great favourites is soccer (or football, depending where you’re from). I deeply believe in team work and tactics drive me crazy. I can literally spend entire nights just watching games over and over again in order to figure out why coaches make certain substitutions or how a shift in systems ends up changing the result of a match in just a few minutes. I enjoy the complexity and deep thinking involved in the game, but there are other things that I don’t appreciate as much or, to put it in a totally honest way, I despice.

I can’t understand why so many players (and I don’t want to say most players just because I’m in a good mood) constantly fake injuries or dive in the pitch trying to fool the ref. Well, I do understand it, but I most definitely don’t like it. I feel like it takes away a big part of all the dignity and transparency that should be involved in a team competition, and ends up turning a game into a situation where everything goes as long as we win the match. Don’t you think this is something to look into?

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Should I attack or counter-attack?

One of the aspects I love the most about soccer is its tactics and strategies. There are many different ways to approach a match and there are lots of things to take into account when planning beforehand, if you want to have the most chances of winning the game.

There’s a lot of discussion about how should this or that team play the following match. Should they try to impose their strengths no matter what? Should they be wary of their weaknesses and how opponents could take advantage of them? Should they go all out attack or wait on their own field and counter-attack when the opportunity arises?

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